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Dr. Sanjib Chattopadhyay
First Published: 2002
Fourth Edition: 2019
Reprints: 6
ISBN: 978-81-942437-1-7
Pages: 1150


Part I: In the Beginning 
- An Introduction
- Birth of Universe
- Our Dear Earth
- Dating the Distant Past
- Records of Past Life—the Fossils 
- Kingdoms of Life

Part II: Origin of Life 
- Defining Life
- The Molecules of Life
- Chemical Evolution
- Dawn of Life
- Early Evolution of Life
- Evolution of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

Part III: Evolution – the Mechanism 
- Evidence and Theories of Evolution
- Equilibrium in Population
- Variation in Population and Polymorphism
- Evolutionary Forces
- Origin of Species
- Trends in Evolution and Extinction
- Major Transitions in Evolution and Coevolution
- Molecular Evolution

Part IV: Evolution – the History 
- Evolution of Plants and Fungi
- Evolution of Body Plan of Animals
- Evolution of Invertebrates
- Evolution and Diversity of Vertebrates
- Evolutionary History of Selected Animals

Part V: Adaptation 
- Nature of Adaptation
- Structural Adaptations-I (Above and Below Land)
- Structural Adaptations-II (Away from Land)
- Protective Adaptations
- Animal Association Adaptations
- Physiological and Biochemical Adaptations
- Adaptations of Plants

Part VI: Behavioral Adaptations 
- Approaches to Animal Behavior
- Learning and Memory
- Communications in Animals
- Behavioral Rhythms in Animals
- Solving Ecological Obstacles
- Reproductive Behaviors and Parental Care
- Social Behaviors 
- An Introduction to Human Behavior

ABOUT THE BOOK: This book presents a balanced and integrated knowledge of Life, its origin, evolution, and adaptation. The book is organized into six parts. Part I includes the origin of the Universe and Earth, geological time scale, fossils, and kingdoms of life. The sequence of origin of life is discussed in Part II. Mechanisms and history of evolution are considered in Part III and IV respectively. Part V deals with nature and kinds of adaptations. Part VI embraces behaviors of animals including that of humans. The main features of this book are: (1) Precise and easy presentation for students, (2) Complete coverage of all areas in a logical sequence, (3) Updated with relevant data and suitable examples.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Prof. Sanjib Chattopadhyay, Graduated from the University of Burdwan. Served Pravat Kumar College, Contai; Jagannath Kishore College, Purulia and Panchakot Mahavidyalaya, Purulia (as Principal). Now retired, he enjoys spending time with his granddaughter, reading, and practicing plantations in the countryside. Midnapore College (Autonomous) has honored him as a guest teacher in PG classes.

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