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QUANTUM MECHANICS (Theory, Problems & Solutions) by Dr. Jyotirmoy Guha

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QUANTUM MECHANICS (Theory, Problems & Solutions)
Dr. Jyotirmoy Guha
First Published: 2012
Third Edition: 2019
Reprints: 4
ISBN: 978-81-941732-6-7
Pages: 1140


- Introduction: Basic Ideas of Classical Physics — its inadequacy in the Microworld-Development of Quantum Mechanics
- Explanation of Blackbody Radiation by Planck 
- Explanation of specific heat of solids by Dulong, Petit, Einstein, and Debye
- Explanation of Photoelectric effect by Einstein
- Phenomenon of Scattering — Explanation s by Rayleigh, Thomson, and Compton: Dual Nature of Radiation
- Dual Nature of Matter
- Spectral Analysis of Bohr, Sommerfeld, Franck, Hertz, Stern, Gerlach, Zeeman, Moseley, Raman and The Vector Atom Model
- Introduction to Operator Physics and the Schrodinger Equation
- Simple Applications of Quantum Mechanics: Free particle, Potential well, Step potential, Potential barrier
- Decay through tunneling
- Some More Application of Quantum Mechanics: Linear Harmonic Oscillator; Hydrogen Atom; Rigid Rotator
- Appendix

ABOUT THE BOOK: This book is for students covering the CBCS curriculum for undergraduate course in Physics (Hons.) Engineering & allied disciplines. Also useful for NET, SET, GATE, JAM, JEST, IAS, IFS, WBCS & M. Sc. (Entrance) examinees. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Jyotirmoy Guha, M.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Professor in Physics, Santipur College, Santipur, Nadia, West Bengal. 

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