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Dr. Shyamasree Ghosh
First Published: 2018
Second Edition: 2021
ISBN: 978-81-953189-2-6
Pages: 962


- Introduction
- The Journey of Science of Immunology
- Immune Cells and Organs
- Antigens and Immunogenicity
- Immunoglobulins
- Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC)
- T Cell Receptors (TCRs)
- B Cell Development
- T Cell Development
- Cytokines
- Chemokines
- Complement System
- Immunohematology
- Antigen Presentation & Processing
- Inflammation Biology
- Acquired/Adaptive Immunity
- Innate Immunity
- Cell-Mediated Immunity (CMI)
- Humoral Immunity
- Hypersentitive Reactions
- Vaccine
- Immunity to Infection
- AIDS and The Immune System
- Immune System in Cancer
- Immune System and Transplantation
- Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Disorders
- Immunodeficiency Diseases
- Polyclonal Antibody Production
- Monoclonal Antibody
- Antigen Antibody Reaction
- Immunoprecipitation
- Immunodiffusion
- Immunoelectrophoresis
- Immunofluorescence
- Agglutination
- Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
- Radioimmunoassay
- Flow Cytometry & Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter (FACS)
- Magnetic Activated Cell Sorter (MACS)
- Western Blot (Immunoblot)
- Statistics in Immunology
- Immunoelectron Microscopy
- Immunohistochemistry
- Complement Fixation Test
- Immunoinformatics
- Epitope Mapping
- Cytokine Assays
- Elispot Assay
- Antibody Array
- Dot and Slot Blot
- ImmunoPCR
- Phagocytosis Assay
- Cytotoxicity Assays
- Apoptosis Assays
- Immunoaffinity Chromatography
- Recombinant Antibody Generation
- Equipment and Facilities Required for Immunology Lab
- Allergy Skin Tests
- Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Killing Assays
- Pathogens: Virus, Bacteria
- Neuroimmunology
- Basic Principle of Immunological Detection of Pregnancy
- Writing Project Report

ABOUT THE BOOK: The book on IMMUNOLOGY AND IMMUNOTECHNOLOGY comprises of the basic science of immunology and its applications in Immunotechnology designed to cater to the knowledge of undergraduates and post-graduate students in the field of biological, biotechnological, zoological, biochemical, medical, biomedical sciences, and allied health science disciplines. It includes the immune system, cells and organs, antigens, immunoglobulins, major histocompatibility complex (MHC), T cell Receptors, B and T cell development, cytokines, chemokines, complement system, immunohematology, antigen processing, and presentation, inflammation, adaptive, innate immunity, cell-mediated and humoral immunity, hypersensitivity reactions, vaccine development, immunity to infection, AIDS, cancer, transplantation biology, autoimmunity and associated disorders, immunodeficiency diseases. The second part highlights polyclonal antibody, monoclonal antibody, antigen-antibody reaction, immunoprecipitation, immunodiffusion, immunoelectrophoresis, immunofluorescence, agglutination, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, radioimmunoassay, flow cytometry, MACS, SDS PAGE, Western blot, statistics in immunology, immunoelectron microscopy, immunohistochemistry, complement fixation test, immunoinformatics, epitope mapping, cytokine assays, ELISPOT assays, Antibody array, DOT, SLOT Blot, immunoPCR, Phagocytosis assay, Cytotoxicity Assay, Apoptosis Assay, immunoaffinity chromatography, and recombinant antibody generation.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Shyamasree Ghosh has worked extensively and published in the domain of Immunology, Glycobiology, Cancer Biology, Nanotechnology, and Computational Biology. She completed her graduation from Presidency College Calcutta University in 1998, being a National Scholar in Graduation. She did post-graduation studies in Biotechnology from Calcutta University holding the rank of first-class second in the university. In her Post-Doctoral Research, she worked in stem cells and nanotechnology. Later she joined as a faculty and held the position of Chair in college affiliated with Bangalore University. Currently, she is serving in NISER, Orissa, India. She is a member of many Scientific bodies and has received many awards.

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