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APPLICATION OF CALCULUS by Dr. Debasish Sengupta

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Dr. Debasish Sengupta
First Published: 2012
Fifth Edition: 2023
Reprints: 3
ISBN: 978-93-94107-08-3
Pages: 510


- Preliminaries
- Tangent and Normal
- Curvature, Evolute and Involute
- Envelope
- Concavity, Convexity and Point of Inflexion
- Pedal Equation and Pedal Curve
- Singular Points
- Rectilinear Asymptotes
- Tracing of a Curve
- Length of a Plane Curve
- Area enclosed by a Plane Curve
- Volumes and Surfaces of Revolution
- Centroids and Moments of Inertia
- Certain Applications of Multiple Integrals

ABOUT THE BOOK: Application of Calculus is concerned only with those applications of Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus which enable one to determine certain geometrical entities like a tangent, normal, curvature, envelope, concavity, convexity, asymptote, pedal and pedal equation, singular point, centroid and moment of inertia of geometrical figures, surface area and volume of certain solids of revolution etc. under the Rectangular Cartesian and Polar co-ordinate systems. In each chapter, the basic concept of the concerned topic is discussed in a lucid way in the introduction. A thorough analysis is given in the text to explain the theories required to acquire knowledge of the subject. Numerous solved examples have been selected after the discussion of the theories which supplement the text in such a way that the readers may achieve confidence in the technique of solving problems. Exercises have been framed by arranging questions in such a manner that after consulting the solved examples, one should not feel difficulty in solving the problems. At the end, necessary hints to the answers of the problems appearing in different university examinations for different years are given for the benefit of the students to identify the standard of the problems that may appear in the final examination on the topics discussed in the book. The book is sure to be a good companion for all aspiring students studying mathematics.

ABOUT THE AUTHORDr. Debasish Sengupta has a brilliant academic record. He has published many research articles on Stability theory and Eigenvalue problems of a System of second order differential equations with a turning point, in a number of reputed national and international journals. He has taught many important topics on mathematics like advanced geometry of two and three dimensions, vector algebra and analysis, differential equations, advanced higher algebra, real and complex analysis, to the students of undergraduate and postgraduate levels under the University of Calcutta. 

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