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Dr. Debasish Sengupta 
First Published: 2023
ISBN: 978-93-94107-16-8
Pages: 548


- Chapter 1: Conics in Two Dimensional Rectangular Cartesian System of Co-ordinates
- Chapter 2: Conics in Polar System of Co-ordinates
- Chapter 3: Three Dimensional Rectangular Cartesian System of Coordinates (R3)
- Chapter 4: The Plane in R3
- Chapter 5: The Straight Line in R3
- Chapter 6: Quadric Surfaces (Quadrics or Conicoids)
- Chapter 7: Tangent and Normal to a Quadric Surface
- Chapter 8: Generating Lines
- Chapter 9: Vector Algebra; Applications to Geometry and Mechanics
- Chapter 10: Calculus of Vector Functions (Single Variable)
- Index

ABOUT THE BOOK:  The book, “Advanced Geometry and Vector” leads readers from a basic foundation to an advanced level understanding of geometry and vector in the field of mathematical sciences. In the present contribution, geometry of two and three dimensions, vector geometry, and vector calculus of the functions of single real variable are studied analytically to generate a clear concept of the concerned mathematical entities useful in the physical sciences, medical sciences, engineering, and space sciences. Every chapter of the book is designed with an in-depth discussion of updated theories which are supplemented by a sufficient number of examples, some of which are worked out and the rest are given in the exercise for practice purposes. This book will certainly be a good companion for students who study Mathematics at the undergraduate level under the CBCS syllabus guided by U.G.C.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Debasish Sengupta, has a brilliant academic record. He has published many research articles on Stability Theory and Eigen-value Problems of a system of second order differential equations with a turning point in a number of reputed national and international journals. He has taught many important topics in mathematics, like Advanced geometry of two and three dimensions, Vector algebra and analysis, Advanced higher algebra, Real and Complex analysis, and Differential equations to the students of under-graduate and post-graduate levels under the University of Calcutta. Dr. Sengupta has also authored four books: Application of Calculus, Introduction to Differential Equations, Advanced Calculus (Applications) and Elementary Multivariate Calculus all published by Books & Allied Pvt. Ltd. and designed primarily for students studying mathematics at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels but are also useful for the students studying Engineering and Physics.

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