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Dr. Ajay Kumar Manna
First Published: 2018
Second Edition: 2020
ISBN: 978-93-84294-12-0
Pages: 510


- Determination of Physical Constants of Organic Compounds
- Methods of Separation and Purification of Organic compounds
- Identification of Pure Organic Compounds
- Methods of Preparation of Organic Compounds
- Qualitative Analysis of Single Solid Organic Compounds
- Organic Quantitative Analysis
- Chromatographic Separation of Organic Compounds
- Analysis of Infrared Spectra (IR) of Organic Compounds
- Analysis of 1H-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (1H-NMR) Spectra of Organic Compounds
- Green Chemistry.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Practical Organic Chemistry is specially designed for the students of B.Sc. (Hons./Major) in Chemistry/Chemical Sciences. It is written as per the CBCS syllabus newly implemented in Indian Universities. Moreover, the book will also be helpful to the students of Biochemistry and Pharmacy at the college and university levels. Laboratory work is an essential part of courses in chemistry in higher education. The development of the science of chemistry is the result of an interaction between experiment and theory. This interaction is reflected in the book, in which the planning and implementation of experiments play a key role. It enhances the skills of students as they are the future chemists of research centers as well as production industries. The essential features of this practical book are — (1) in each chapter, chemical reactions involving the tests performed in the laboratory are described, (2) at the end of each chapter, Sample Viva-Voice Questions have been added to improve the thinking power of the students.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Ajay Kumar Manna, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Ramananda College, Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal, obtained his B.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) degree from Vidyasagar University and M.Sc. degree from Indian Institute Technology, Kharagpur. He also obtained M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees from IIT, KGP. He has published several research papers in National and International Journals of high reputation. He has also participated in various National and International Conferences and Symposia in India. He has authored two books, ‘Text Book of Organic Chemistry’ and ‘Organic Molecular Spectroscopy’. Dr. Manna has been teaching Chemistry at Ramananda College (formerly under The University of Burdwan now under Bankura University), for over eighteen years. He is also a Guest Teacher in the Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, Midnapore College (Autonomous), Midnapore, West Bengal.

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