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ADVANCED BOTANY (Vol. 1) by Dr. Sanjeev Pandey

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Dr. Sanjeev Pandey
First Published: 2019
Second Edition: 2020
Reprint: 1
ISBN: 978-81-942688-3-3
Pages: 610


- Chapter 1: fundamentals
- Chapter 2: carbohydrates
- Chapter 3: amino acids
- Chapter 4: amino acids and protein metabolism
- Chapter 5: lipids
- Chapter 6: lipid metabolism
- Chapter 7: nucleic acids
- Chapter 8: nucleic acid metabolism
- Chapter 9: plant pigments and secondary metabolites 
- Chapter 10: bioenergetics and thermodynamics
- Chapter 11: energy-rich compounds
- Chapter 12: enzymes: basic concepts and kinetics

- Chapter 13: water
- Chapter 14: soil water and absorption by plants
- Chapter 15: ascent of sap
- Chapter 16: transpiration
- Chapter 17: ion uptake and transport in roots 
- Chapter 18: mineral nutrition
- Chapter 19: translocation, phloem loading, and unloading
- Chapter 20: photosynthesis
- Chapter 21: photorespiration
- Chapter 22: carbon dioxide concentrating mechanisms (ccms)
- Chapter 23: bacterial photosynthesis
- Chapter 24: respiration
- Chapter 25: nitrogen metabolism
- Chapter 26: phytohormones
- Chapter 27: photoperiodism
- Chapter 28: phytochrome
- Chapter 29: abc of flowering
- Chapter 30: physiology of fruit ripening
- Chapter 31: seed physiology
- Chapter 32: growth and development
- Chapter 33: stress physiology

- Chapter 34: ecology (introduction)
- Chapter 35: concept of ecosystem
- Chapter 36: plant succession
- Chapter 37: ecological adaptations
- Chapter 38: autecology
- Chapter 39: synecology and community ecology
- Chapter 40: pollution
- Chapter 41: biodiversity and conservation

- Chapter 42: phytogeography of India
- Chapter 43: endemism

- Chapter 44: pharmacognosy
- Chapter 45: economic botany

ABOUT THE BOOK: This book has been written to serve the UG and PG level students of Botany in India and abroad. The book covers almost all concerned areas of biochemistry, plant physiology, ecology, and phytogeography. In that sense, it will also serve equally well to the students of biochemistry and biotechnology. The specialty of the book is it's in-depth though lucid and concise treatment of each and every topic of the concerned subject. Some of the important aspects have been discussed in boxes wherever required and it is expected that the book will be popular among NET, GATE, and UPSC aspirants as well. The second volume of this book is awaited and will cover subject areas like genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, plant biotechnology, biometry, economic botany and pharmacognosy, paleobotany, and palynology. Some key information required in problem solving and practicals has been provided in Appendices at the end of each volume.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Dr. Sanjeev Pandey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Botany, B. B. College, Asansol, West Bengal, India. He is a Gold Medalist of his time in Masters from Burdwan University and is a CSIR-NET, GATE and WB-SLET qualified fellow. He also completed his Ph.D. from the same University in the area of Microbiology. Dr. Pandey joined the college in the year 2001 and has over seventeen years of teaching experience under his belt. Dr. Pandey acquired a second Master's degree from Sikkim Manipal University in the subject Ecology and Environment in the year 2004. A teacher cum researcher, Dr. Pandey has published 17 research articles in the journals of National and International repute and there are many to be followed. At present also he pursues a major research project sponsored by the West Bengal Department of Science and Technology with three research scholars working for their Ph.D. under his guidance.

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