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Dr. S.K. Dubey
First Published: 1973

Seventh Edition: 2023
Reprints: 29

ISBN: 978-93-94107-13-7
Pages: 812


- PART-I: Materia Medica
- PART-II: Indian Drugs
- PART-III: Biochemic System of Medicine
- PART-IV: Allen’s Keynote – an essay
- PART-V: Glossary

ABOUT THE BOOK: Text Book of Materia Medica by Dr. S. K. Dubey including Allen’s Keynotes is a classic text book in its field with lasting popularity over decades. It is meant for Undergraduate students of Homoeopathic Medicine and also for teachers and practitioners of Homoeopathy. Lucidly written, it provides a detailed and in-depth study of a plethora of homoeopathic drugs with guiding symptoms, constitution, spheres of action and pathogenesis, which facilitates an easy understanding of the subject. The coloured illustrations add to its textual content in a vivid manner that is both attractive and illuminating. In addition to a thorough discussion of the Biochemic System of Medicine by Dr. Ashok Kumar Das, this edition is enriched further with a discussion of some specifically Indian Homoeopathic drugs by the same author. An extremely useful masterpiece this book continues to benefit students, teachers and practitioners of Homoeopathy. 

It is difficult to deny that the easiest subject in homoeopathy to write a book on is Homoeopathic Materia Medica and this is the reason that innumerable books on the subject have been compiled. Once the sourcebooks of Hahnemann, Allen, Hering, Hughes, Clarke and Jahr became available, a chain of books from Boennighausen’s Characteristics to Dr. Niranjan Mohanty’s Text Book of Homoeopathic Materia Medica appeared. This is one field of homoeopathic literature where there will be floods only and draughts never.

Out of the thousands of publications on schematic method, picture method, comparative method, therapeutic method, keynote method, etc. and some remarkable speciality of the contents be physiological, clinical, individualistic, organopathic, etc., few could make a serious impact when they saw the light and demand for reprints faded away. Dr. Dubey’s TEXT BOOK OF MATERIA MEDICA has all the elements which give market respectability, demand born-of-necessity, utility and a lasting non-perishable name to a book.

This book is a very intelligent, experienced and masterly combination of the Keynotes, the therapeutics and the clinical materia medicas. This book will be useful because it contains that method and style of learning materia medica which has given Bengal an edge in homoeopathy over other states. The book will have greater acceptability because it contains what is essential to know for examinees and necessary for practitioners.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. S. K. Dubey was born in a plain-living, vegetarian, orthodox, lower-middle-class Brahmin family in an underdeveloped corner of Uttar Pradesh adjoining Bihar. With a first division matriculation certificate, a certificate in the Urdu language, the simplicity and one track determined rural determination, he was admitted to The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, where he stood first in the Intermediate & Part-I D.M.S. examinations and was awarded Gold Medal in the final D.M.S., worked as a Resident House Surgeon, Physician, then R.M.O., then Deputy-visiting Physician, Visiting Physician and Deputy-visiting in Research Section.

He was appointed as a Demonstrator in Anatomy and then transferred to Materia Medica. He acquired fame as a tutor and was the largest crowd-puller as a private tutor of almost all subjects. In his capacity as a teacher, he lectured in his mother institution, as a speaker and guest lecturer in a very large number of cities and institutions, as a teacher in the Teacher’s Teaching Orientation Course and Guest Lecturer at the National Institute of Homoeopathy, almost every month once or twice in the Sunday Seminars of Calcutta. He has been associated with the Academic Section of the Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy. 

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